2020 Post Show featuring Jessica Vines Sidestreet February 1st, 2020
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2020 Event Saturday  January 18th Spirit Room 111 BROADWAY DOWNTOWN FARGO

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Past award winners testimonials

Hannah Christianson 2008 Celebration Award Winner
Hannah Woods (Christenson)

1.) Do you remember how you first heard about Celebration?
I don't quite remember... But according to my mom, I was playing at the civic center in downtown fargo for a youth music event, and a Native American woman heard my music and told us that I should audition for the celebration of women and their music.
2.) What are you up to nowadays, can you tell us what a typical week in the life looks like for you?
Currently, I live in a tiny town in the Jemez mountains in northern New Mexico. It's a very peaceful, beautiful, and nurturing place to be. Every week is a little bit different, as I'm always up to various creative projects. One thing I do consistently is teach music to people online all over the world via a company called Lessonface. I usually do this about 3 days a week. I also teach lessons in person from my home. When I'm not teaching, I'm usually writing music or poems, or painting, or just being outside in nature, meditating, walking my dog, or going on hikes with my husband...Or planning the next show/event/tour or album release! I also meet with my friend/band partner who lives in LA a couple of times a week via Facetime/Skype. The band is called We Saw Lions, and I'm currently working on editing some videos for that project. We make electro-indie-pop music, and it's a lot of fun and much different than my solo stuff, which is very acoustic based, usually guitar/voice or piano/voice. A couple of weeks ago I was in LA, making children's music to pitch to a kids TV show, recording piano instrumental pieces for music licensing, making some more We Saw Lions music, and meeting up with friends/jamming and sharing songs. The week after that one of my paintings was in a show at a local gallery here, and I was asked to perform and write a song for the opening reception of the show. I'm currently working on rebuilding my website, planning some shows for next spring, and co-leading a music/yoga/wellness retreat with my neighbor who is a naturopathic doctor and Ayuverdic medicine practitioner. So you see every week is a little bit different, which makes life very interesting. There's always something new going on :) 
3.) Have you continued with your music/art? Have you found new mediums?
Yes, I have continued with my music. After high school I attended Berklee College of Music and majored in Music Therapy and Songwriting, and have been on the musical journey ever since! It's an ever-evolving path, and the music I write is always changing a little bit with each new phase of my life. And a couple of years ago I decided to start to explore the art world a little bit more and that's been fun to express myself in that way through acrylic abstract paintings. I've also enjoyed co-creating music and doing more collaborative work.
4.) How significant was your involvement with Celebration for your development as a woman after winning?
I think it definitely impacted me as a young woman, in the sense that it allowed for opportunities I hadn't had before, and also in how encouraging it was to be surrounded by women artists. It's also something that over the years has been a wonderful community to come back to, to feel supported by and be encouraged by, especially during times when I've been confused about my next steps as a musician/artist. And it's always been very inspiring to see older women doing their music thing, even in their 50s and 60's, to keep on with the path of music; that it's something you can do your whole life long.
5.) What about Celebration draws you in to keep in contact/remember your experience? Well, first of all, Deb Jenkins. She's been an amazing mentor/friend over the years, and I am just so happy to know her. She's a very inspiring person to me, and we keep in touch, and so that's one way I stay connected! And over the years they've asked me back to do various things like house concerts or perform at the show, and one year they even brought my whole band back from Boston, which was just SO fun. It's just such a unique and beautiful community, and the main event is just one part of it. It's really special to feel a part of this wonderful group of women musicians and artists. In the 'real world' of the music side of things, it is rarely the case that you're surrounded by all women, and there's this wonderful magic that happens when you're in a room full of creative women. I always love when we all get together and sing the last song at the end of the show. I love that feeling of unity that happens. Those are all just some of the things that keep me connected.
6.) Any advice for our future young women award recipients?
Choosing to follow a creative path is a brave choice. It's a non-traditional choice. It can be terrifying. But it is also unlike any other path out there. It's a path that allows you to feel deeply, deeply, alive. You get to make it up and create it as you go along. There's not one 'right' way to have a music career or creative career. It requires a lot of courage to always listen to that inner creative spark and honor it. Sometimes that looks like moving to NY and auditioning for broadway plays. Sometimes it looks like living in nature and being kind to yourself, building up your creative reserves. As best as you can, honor that inner voice, that inner wisdom; honor your own artistic integrity and the uniqueness of your journey; what the path looks like for you might be different than what it looks like for someone else.
7.) Can you tell us about the connections you made during your time(s) at Celebration?
One of the people I've felt most connected to because of the Celebration of Women and their music is Deb Jenkins. As I mentioned above, she's just a really inspiring person to me, and she's become a wonderful friend and mentor over the years. We discovered that not only do we share a love of music, but we also both go to Itasca State Park at the same time of year in the fall. We've also run into each other in Jamaica of all places. I always just feel supported and encouraged by her presence whenever we get together. Another person I got to know better through the Celebration of Women was Rosie Sauvageau. We ended up writing a song together and doing a show together back in the day :)
8.)Would you be willing to recall a story the last time you were genuinely touched by music?
I am continuously moved by music, almost every day. There's always new music being made and I love listening to and finding the music that speaks the most to me. I recently had the song "Wings" by HAERTS on repeat. I would listen to it constantly as I drove, and it would bring tears to my eyes, and help me feel something I couldn't exactly find the words for. I let myself feel what I was feeling, and the music helped me do that. I recently wrote a song, a sort of hymn, while I was doing laundry, and that also brought tears to my eyes, as it conveyed a deep feeling and reflected something true from within my heart..I shared the song with my neighbors and their friends, and they too were moved/started crying, and so then I started tearing up again there as well. Music is such a huge part of my day to day life. I'm constantly singing and humming and making up melodies that reflect how I feel. And so yes, I am genuinely touched by music almost every day.


Sara Smith 2019 Celebration Award Winner

1) I first heard about the Celebration of Women and Their Music from my mom who heard about it from her coworker and friend. In addition, my mom has known Deb Jenkins for years and her involvement in music.

2) I am a senior in high school so the majority of my days are filled with homework. I’m involved in speech and debate, so much of my time is spent researching and writing cases regarding this year’s debate topic and preparing for tournaments. I am passionate about public speaking, debate, policy making, and politics.  I’m a 2nd degree blackbelt In Taekwondo and have been fortunate to pursue martial arts for many years.

In addition to speech, debate, and taekwondo, I have been very involved in music. I am a member of the Fargo Moorhead Area Youth Symphony, play violin and sing on my churches worship team, take private violin lessons from Sarah Lang, and most recently I was a member of the pit orchestra for the FMCT production of Sweeney Todd. I’m also in the thick of college scholarship and admission applications. Between all of this my time is pretty well spent. :)

3) I plan to continue to play the violin for life. My passion for violin (And music in general) has only grown over the past year. Recently I finished building my own Hardanger (Norwegian) fiddle. I had the amazing opportunity to apprentice master Luthier Bud Larsen and learn the art of building a hardanger fiddle. After about two years and 200 hours of work, it is very exciting to play music on a fiddle that I built myself.

4) The Celebration of Women and Their Music reinforced my belief in the saying “empowered women, empower women.” There is something powerful about musicians and women mentoring and investing in the next generation of women and musicians. It encourages me to know that other women in the FM area care enough to put time and effort into an event like Celebration, giving me the opportunity to share my violin playing with others. Ultimately I hope I can influence the lives of girls the way women such as Deb Jenkins, and others from Celebration, have influenced  mine.

5) I came away from the celebration feeling very encouraged. I loved meeting the other women and listening to the various types of music. Music has a way of bringing people together and so many women celebrating the gift of music was a wonderful experience. I also know that I am the musician and the person I am today because of the people who have used their time to invest in me... whether it be teachers, conductors, friends, or family. I hope to give back and invest in the lives of other musicians and girls.

6) My advice would be to enjoy the time meeting the other participants and mentors. Celebration is a wonderful opportunity to meet supportive women and listen to many different types of music. It's also a wonderful opportunity to consider the impact you can have on the girls and musicians around you.

7) One of the highlights of the Celebration for me was connecting with Deb Jenkins. She has such a big heart and it’s been a privilege to get to know her. Another connection I made was with one of the celebration photographers. He was very interested in learning more about the Hardanger fiddle I built as, if I remember correctly, he is of Norwegian heritage. I remember meeting him at the rehearsal on the day of the Celebration and it was neat talking to him.

8) This month I had the opportunity to play violin in the pit orchestra for the FMCT production of Sweeney Todd. The music is fantastic, the conductor was Brian Cole (one of my all-time favorite conductors), and the other pit members were so much fun. I remember coming home from rehearsals and performances so happy and thankful for the amazing opportunity to play alongside such wonderful musicians. Throughout the play there were specific moments where the beauty and excitement of the music were especially thrilling. I remember one part specifically where the violin and cello had a duet playing this beautiful melody. I believe in the importance of playing music with passion and expression. That specific part of the music lent itself so well to expression and passion. It made me very grateful and excited to play the violin.


Haley Diers 2015 Celebration award Winners

Hayley Diers

1.) Do you remember how you first heard about Celebration?
I heard about Celebration from my high school flute teacher.
2.) What are you up to nowadays, can you tell us what a typical week in the life looks like for you?
In the spring I graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor of Music in flute performance. This fall I moved to New York City to pursue my Master of Music at the Aaron Copland School of Music at Queens College. My weeks are busy with orchestra and chamber music rehearsals, flute lessons and practicing, and classes. I also teach flute and beginning piano lessons. In my spare time I enjoy concerts and exploring the city!
3.) Have you continued with your music/art? Have you found new mediums?
I’ve continued to play the flute in college and graduate school. I’ve also begun learning the baroque flute (the wooden flute that preceded the modern metal flute). Playing it and studying historical performance practices has been a fun way to expand my musicianship.
4.) How significant was your involvement with Celebration for your development as a woman after winning?
Performing at the Annual Celebration of Women and Their Music concert was a significant moment in my personal development. I performed the Griffes Poem from memory. Before taking the stage, I was filled with nerves. Overcoming those nerves to perform and bring the audience into the magical sound world of the piece was an incredibly empowering experience. By providing this performance opportunity, Celebration helped me find greater self-confidence and a break-through moment as an artist.
5.) What about Celebration draws you in to keep in contact/remember your experience?
What is special about Celebration is how it brings together artists from different mediums. It is important to recognize all art styles and forms; all artists have a story to tell and we all have something to learn from one another.
6.) Any advice for our future young women awards?
Never give up on yourself and don’t be afraid to have big dreams. Set goals, no matter how big or small. Find the teachers, mentors, family, and friends who will support you and help you work towards those goals. Challenge yourself by trying new things, meeting new people, and going to new places. If you feel knocked down, find inspiration and motivation in your favorite artists and songs. Focus on your personal progress each day.
7.) Can you tell us about the connections you made during your time(s) at Celebration?
I collaborated with Peggy Bartunek to perform at a Summer House Concert a few years ago. We played some jazz songs and the Bolling Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano, a fun musical experience!
8.)Would you be willing to recall a story the last time you were genuinely touched by music?
Music is so powerful because it can be touching in many ways. Music’s emotional affect and story telling can move a listener, but it can also be an impactful shared experience and way of communicating among performers and between teacher and student.
A recent unique experience I had was a rehearsal with the Queens College Orchestra of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 1. The orchestra members sat facing one another with like-instruments spread out in the ensemble for a conductor-less rehearsal. This allowed me to hear and communicate the music with my colleagues in a new way. As I’ve begun teaching music, I have also discovered how powerful music is as an educational tool. It is inspirational to see my students’ excitement and confidence grow through music.


A Celebration of Women and Their Music

Founded in 1998 by Deb Jenkins

Our mission is to recognize artistic passion in women and create opportunities for emerging and established artists by opening avenues for networking, mentoring, support and promotion of their individual talents.

The Celebration of Women and their Music was founded in 1998 by Deb Jenkins, Fargo, renowned blues singer, chef, and caterer. Over the years the show has featured regional women performing a variety of musical genres from popular to classical. Each year brings newcomers to the stage as well as returning favorites from previous years in a celebration of the talent and artistic camaraderie of women in the Fargo-Moorhead region.

This is a not-for-profit event. None of the artists involved get paid. They come together to show their support and give the young female award recipients encouragement and praise for all they have accomplished in their art field. The money raised at this event goes towards continuing this event and to an endowment fund established with the F-M Area Foundation. The endowment helps fund an annual scholarship awarded to one or more local high school senior female artists to go toward continuing her education.

2019 Scholoship application avaiable here:if you are or know female senior in the arts in high school in 2019 they should apply for the Celebration Scholarship through the FMAF  https://www.areafoundation.org/ , once on site click on student tab
2020 Awards Application available here after May 31st 2019: 2020CelebrationApp

Congratulations Brooke Bergen Davies senior graduate 2018 Scholarship winne

Celebration of Women and Their Music 2020 MUSIC LINE UP
January 16th - January 18th

Thursday, January, 16, 2020

HoDo 101 Broadway
Host Pat Lenertz Band & Celebration of Women Guest
8-11 PM
21 and over
No cover

Friday, January 17th, 2020
Jessie Veeder Scofield
Friday, January 17th
Spirit Room
111 Broadway
6:30-8 PM
All ages

HoDo 101 Broadway
Peggy Bartunek and Guest

21 and over
No cover
Rescheduled  Feburaury 1st, 2020 Side Street 404 4th Ave N
Jessica Vines Band
21 and over
No cover

Cancelled Saturday, January 18th, 2020
VIP Party 4:30- 6 PM ($40) meet the award winners - have great appetizers - enjoy beverages from Happy Harry's
Main event 6:30-door Open ($20 general admission sold on event bite and at the door)
The Stage at Island Park
333 4th St S
Fargo, ND

The Spirit Room 111 Broadway Fargo
23nd Annual Celebration of Women and Their Music
Doors at 6:00PM
Main Show- 6:30 PM
Scheduled  Performers:
Hot Lunch (Fargo, ND)
Kris Kitko (Bismarck, ND)
Taylor Paige ( Detriot Lakes, MN)
Jessie Veeder Scofield (Watford City, ND)
Viotti String Quartet ( Fargo, ND- Moorhead, MN)
And more:

Aquarium Downtown Fargo
Pat Lenertz Band & Deb Jenkins
226 N Broadway
Doors open 10PM
21 and over
$5 cover



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Congratulations to our 2020 Award Winners:

Abagail Berg- Flute- Davies
McKenna  Brye- vocals - Davies
Rachel Craig- Percussionist - Moorhead
Janey Hudson - vocals- guitar - Fargo South
Madison Hokstad - Flute - Fargo South
Marisa Pace - Dance - IQ Academy of MN
Marissa Philipp-visual Art- Sheynne
Sydney Quibell- vocal- guitar -Fargo South
Emily Thaden-Visual Arts -Hawley
Faith Weibye  vocal- singer songwriter -Sheynne
Congratulations to our 2019 Young Mentor non-profit Award: Lily Andrews    Davies High Non-Profit Blossom Photography LLC.Looking forward to this years award winners. Do you know someone that is a high school female in the arts that should apply, email debgreatheart@aol.com

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