Celebration of Women and Their Music
Information on our 2022 Awards Application Below!

Celebration of Women and Their Music

Founded in 1998 by Deb Jenkins

Our mission is to recognize artistic passion in women and create opportunities for emerging and established artists by opening avenues for networking, mentoring, support and promotion of their individual talents.

The Celebration of Women and their Music was founded in 1998 by Deb Jenkins, Fargo, renowned blues singer, chef, and caterer. Over the years the show has featured regional women performing a variety of musical genres from popular to classical. Each year brings newcomers to the stage as well as returning favorites from previous years in a celebration of the talent and artistic camaraderie of women in the Fargo-Moorhead region.

This is a not-for-profit event. None of the artists involved get paid. They come together to show their support and give the young female award recipients encouragement and praise for all they have accomplished in their art field. The money raised at this event goes towards continuing this event and to an endowment fund established with the F-M Area Foundation. The endowment helps fund an annual scholarship awarded to one or more local high school senior female artists to go toward continuing her education.

Applications for our 2022 Celebration of Women and Their Music Awards are now OPEN!
Click the link below for application information!
The Celebration of Woman and Their Music Awards award monetary awards for high school females who have a passion for the arts as well as connect them to a highly talented and motivated network of women artists in the area. Awards are granted to young high school age women in a variety of artistic disciplines.
Please email celebrationofwomenfargo@gmail.com for any application questions!

2022 Celebration of Women and Their Music Award Application!

2022 Celebration of Women and Their Music Main Event

SATURDAY FEBRUARY 19, 2022: 6:30pm - 10pm

Stay tuned for any updates, and keep with our ONE SPIRIT.

Celebration of Women and Their Music 2021 :

February 19th, 2021 Kris Kitko Celebration video drops on  YouTubes Celebration of Women and Their Music 

February 20th, 2021 Livestream  from TAK window opens 6pm - 10pm 
For tickets to our upcoming live streamed event on February 20, 2021 you can purchase them here:

Scheduled To Perform:
Brianna Borgen - 2021 Award winner
Connie Gjermundson
Hannah Leiseth - 2021 Award Winner
Deb Jenkins
Faith Weibye. -  2020 Award Winner
Janey Hudson -  2020 Award Winner
Jesse Veeder
Jessica Vines & Conor Lee
Madison Hokstad - 2020 Award Winner
Nita Velo
Pat Lenertz Band
Rachael Ianiro
Sarah Morrau
Stella Peterson - 2021 Award Winner
Sara Smith
Sydney Quibell - 2020 Award Winner

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Congratulations to our 2021 Award Winners:
Brianna Borgen - Vocal / Songwriter - Fargo South
Jocelyn "Kenzie" Dalrymple - Flute- Moorhead
Kim Kadrmas - Piano - Fargo North
Hannah Leiseth - Cello / Vocal - Moorhead
Avery Moxness -Vocal - West Fargo Sheyenne 
Stella Peterson-  Violin /Vocal - Fargo South 
Elena Schmitt - Visual Art - Hawley Secondary
Seema Tian - Flute - Davies

Congratulations to our 2020 Award Winners:
Abagail Berg - Flute - Davies
McKenna  Brye - vocals - Davies
Rachel Craig- Percussionist - Moorhead
Janey Hudson – Vocals/Guitar - Fargo South
Madison Hokstad - Flute - Fargo South
Marisa Pace - Dance - IQ Academy of MN
Marissa Philipp - Visual Art- Sheynne
Sydney Quibell - Vocal- Guitar -Fargo South
Emily Thaden - Visual Arts - Hawley
Faith Weibye -   Vocal/Singer Songwriter - Sheynne

Congratulations to our 2019 Young Mentor Non-Profit Award: 
Lily Andrews - Davies High School
Non-Profit: Blossom Photography LLC.

Looking forward to this years winners. If you know a high school senior interest in the arts please contact us!
If you have any questions please email : 2celebrationofwomen@gmail.com

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Celebration of Women and Their Music Board Members:
Deb Jenkins
Sandra Aamoth

Wayne Aamoth
Linda Hinrichs
Nita Velo
Tracy Walvatne

If you'd like some to hear from some of our past award winners, click on their names for testimmonials!

Hannah Woods(Christianson) 2008 Celebration Award Winner

Sara Smith 2019 Celebration Award Winner

Haley Diers 2015 Celebration Award Winner

Additional Opportunties:

Testimonial Call:

Hello my fellow musician/artist , it’s me again, Deb Jenkins from Celebration of Women and Their Music. We need your help,  in trying to stay relevant in these horrible times of COVID-19 our plans have drastically changed, like everyone else’s, we have looked to alternative ways to continue with the show. We will be having the event and live streaming the show on February 20, 2021.

How do we need your help you ask; well we have set up a YouTube account for Celebration and we’re looking for testimonials from past musicians to post on our site. We simply ask you to please take a moment, just three minutes, and just tell us your name, how you were associated with the show,  what year, and what you feel the importance of Celebration is.
End your video with a short song and display your talent! We really, really need your help, so if you’re interested please send the music video with your testimony to:

Help us stay relevant, thank you.
Deb Jenkins

Contact award winner Sara Smith for violin lessons!