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Your source for a wide range of food and products from ethnic specialties and vegetarian menus to in-home style meals and packaged spreads.

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Retail Food Products

Deb's Jalapeno PestoDeb's Jalapeno Pesto Spread, a Pride Of Dakota Product, are available at this location:

~ Fargo Pride Of Dakota Showcase every year in November Holiday

Deb's Texas ChipsDeb's Texas Chips, a Pride of Dakota Product, are available at these locations:
Spinach, Sun dried Tomato, Garlic, and Variety Pack
Deb's Texas Chips a Pride of Dakota Product

• Happy Harry's on 45th Street, Fargo 7 52 ND STREET FARGO
~ Fargo Pride Of Dakota Showcase every year in November and Bismarck Holiday Showcase in
check back often for additional retail locations...

Deb's Corner Foods & Catering

Co-founded seven years ago and now solely operated by Deb Jenkins, Deb's Corner Foods & Catering caters meetings, special events, large-scale concerts, private parties and in-home dinners. Whether it's a small luncheon meeting or a large conference we are equipped for the job.

Deb's Corner Foods & Catering is known throughout the region for its unique menu items and personal catering style. Featured items such as Jalapeno Pesto or Dairy Free Spreads to theme meals like Thai dinners bring an inspired flair to your special event.

You will find menus, prices, and a client list on this site. If you are interested in specialty dishes or menus not included here, please contact Deb Jenkins for a custom price quote. We can accomodate just about any special dietary need or request.
Request for silverware and dishes, additional $3.25 per person per meal.

Shipping: All products shipped are at the cost of the purchaser. A letter, invoice and stamped envelope will accompany your order for return of payment as seen below:

Thank you for your order, please note , sign and return the white invoice with your payment, needed for our records. Payment should be returned, please, within one week of delivery.

Thank you

Deb Jenkins
Owner Deb’s Corner Foods and Catering