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Women's Sustainability Retreat: “A Commitment to Self”
Presented by Deb Jenkins

Hosted by Karen Branden and Dennis Jacobs

The retreat is nestled north of Detroit Lakes, MN. This is a rustic setting. We ask that you bring tents, campers, sleeping bags, blow-up beds, or whatever you may need to be comfortable. There will be a swimming pool, sauna and hot tub.

September16th-18th 2016 
Friday September 16th 4:30PM - Sunday  September 18th, 2016 at 2:30PM

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Deb Jenkins Band Group Photo

Deb Jenkins Band

One of the upper midwest's finest R&B and blues bands, the Deb Jenkins band has gained a passionate following from their performances ta the annual Fargo Blue Festival and clubs throughout the region.

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Photo by Kate Koshnick
Deb Jenkins

Greatheart productions

Greatheart Productions' mission is to bring a variety of music to the FM area that is for both the young and old. Music that is folk, blues, jazz and even classical. To promote and produce top shows both at area venues and home concerts. Greatheart has woked with artistes from this area and as far away as Wales.

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Deb's corner foods & Catering

Deb's Corner Foods & Catering, your source for a wide range of food and products from the ethnic specialties and vegetarianDeb's Texas Style Chips menus to in-home meals and packaged spreads.

Featuring my Deb's Texas Chips, Jalapeno Pesto, etc.

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Celebration of Women
& Their Music

Our mission is to recognize artistic passion
in women and create opportunities for emerging
and established artists by opening avenues for
networking, mentoring, support and promotion
of their individual talents.

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